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Hearing Aids

Bryce Hearing Services offer a wide range of hearing aid types, with a choice of styles and colours. Our hearing assessments ensure that we provide the hearing solution that is perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

Types of hearing aids

Bryce Hearing Services offers a wide range of different hearing aid types, and with a choice of styles and colours – we can help find the ideal one for you.
Our hearing assessments ensure that we provide the hearing solution that is perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

We work with industry-leading provider Phonak to offer the only extended wear hearing aid currently available: the Lyric. This device stays within the ear canal for long periods of time. (It does not need to be removed for sleeping or changing batteries).

You might be better suited to a ‘daily wear’ hearing aid, which is removed for bed and to change the batteries.

A wide range of daily wear models are available from Bryce Hearing Services in types that go ‘in the ear’ (ITE hearing aids), ‘behind the ear’ (BTE hearing aids) or have a ‘receiver in the canal’ (RIC hearing aids).

We can help find the perfect model for you, based on your hearing needs and your style preferences.

We’ll be happy to discuss all the options available to you, following an assessment by one of our hearing care professionals. Book an appointment today.


The Lyric hearing aid is a true innovation in hearing solutions. The device is hidden inside the ear canal, utilising its natural shape to capture sound and offer users a highly discreet hearing aid.

Maintaining hearing shouldn’t be hard work, and with Lyric you might even forget you are wearing a hearing aid. It’s water resistant and exclusive battery technology means it can perform 24/7 for up to 120 days at a time without the need for battery replacements or other types of maintenance, thanks to patented moisture protection systems and breathable materials.

Innovating in acoustics, processing and power, Lyric utilises micro-engineering to capture and amplify sound efficiently with minimal processing.

What is Lyric and how is it different?

Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible extended wear hearing solution. Once placed, it can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time.* It is even designed to be worn during daily activities like showering and sleeping**. Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal so that it provides natural sound quality while staying out of sight.

Can I wear Lyric? / What type of hearing loss does Lyric address?

Lyric is designed to fit patients with a mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. We will assess the level of your hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle to determine if Lyric is the right choice for your hearing needs.

How long does each Lyric device last?

Each Lyric device can be worn for months at a time, and up to a maximum of 120 or until the battery life ends. However, individual replacement needs vary because device battery life is subject to individual ear conditions.

How does Lyric work?

Lyric uses innovative deep ear technology to address hearing loss by leveraging the ear’s organic shape to capture sound and amplify it with minimal processing. With Lyric, sound enters the outer ear and flows naturally toward the ear drum, just as it would if you weren’t wearing a hearing device. Achieving this deep ear solution required breakthroughs in acoustics, processing, power supply, and packaging. However, the result is the only hearing device that can provide exceptionally clear, crisp sound around the clock for up to months at a time*.


*Duration of battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

**Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be submerged under water.

Audeo Paradise

These revolutionary new hearing aids from Swiss manufacturer Phonak are inspired by nature, as nature is the source of so many sounds that can soothe, relax and comfort us.

Comprised of all new hardware, Paradise takes hearing performance to the next-level by offering not only crisp, natural sound but also several new features.

Speech Enhancer

Understanding someone who is speaking softly or speaking from a distance in a quiet environment is challenging. Phonak Audéo Paradise approaches this challenge by boosting soft-level speech with an innovative feature called Speech Enhancer.

Personalised Noise Cancellation

The myPhonak 4.0 app allows you to make the most out of your Paradise hearing aids. It offers various controls and functionalities that allows you to personalise the hearing aid settings in real time. Restaurant too noisy? Not a problem, just increase the noise cancellation strength for comfort.

Motion Sensor Hearing

Having a conversation with someone especially while walking can be challenging. Even more so in a noisy environment. The Motion Sensor Hearing feature works together with the hearing aid chip to detect if you are stationary or moving, plus how noisy the surrounding is. Once the activity and noise level is determined, it seamlessly steers the microphone mode and Dynamic Noise Cancellation settings.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Paradise connects directly to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth-enabled devices so you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids.  Additionally, you can enjoy even more connectivity because it gives you power to be simultaneously paired to eight and connected to two Bluetooth-enabled devices and seamlessly alternate between the two.

Tap Control

Imagine this … just by tapping your ear, you can handle phone calls, music streaming or voice assistants. A motion sensor in the hearing aid enables an effortless way to answer a phone call, to activate your voice assistant and to pause or continue music streaming.

To complement the Tap Control, Paradise utilizes the built-in microphone to allow you to enjoy true hands-free phone calls and voice assistant activation.

You can rediscover the wonder of sound with a free trial of Phonak Audéo™ Paradise hearing aids.


Widex Moment™

Introducing the world’s first hearing aid which doesn’t sound like a hearing aid

Widex Moment™ hearing aids offer a true revolution in hearing aid technology – they don’t sound like hearing aids! Finally, a hearing aid breakthrough you can actually hear!

Key features

Widex Pure Sound ™– Hear like you remember

Widex PureSound™ is the unique feature in Widex Moment™ hearing aids which delivers the most natural sound ever heard in a hearing aid. It uses patented ZeroDelay™ technology to remove the delay-based distortion which causes the artificial, tinny sound you are probably all too familiar with.

With Widex Moment™, you really can hear every moment like you used to.

Smallest Rechargeable RIC ever

The Widex Moment ™ range features the smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market, so you get discreet design with all the convenience of a rechargeable device – no more struggling with fiddly hearing aid batteries! And you can rest assured that you will get all the power you need with up to 20 hours use (16 with streaming) from a 4-hour charge, plus 30-minute quick charge option for 4 hours use if needed.

Artificial Intelligence – Personalised Hearing

Widex Moment™ hearing aids feature world first Artificial Intelligence technology, SoundSense Learn – which allows you to effortlessly personalise your hearing experience in the moment, through a smartphone app, to find the perfect sound for you in every environment. The technology allows the app to learn from your preferences so you get personalised hearing which gets even better over time.

Streaming from all your devices

No hearing aid in today’s world would be complete without direct streaming capabilities. Widex Moment™ hearing aids feature 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream sound directly into your hearing aids from iOS, Widex assistive listening devices, and future connections with Android devices. So, whether you are watching TV, listening to music, using Sat Nav or talking on the phone, you get the highest quality possible.

Fingertip control from your smartphone

The intuitive and easy to use Widex Moment™ and Tonelink™ apps allow you to fully control your hearing aids from your Apple or Android smartphone so you can discreetly fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids in the moment for the perfect sound wherever you are.

Widex Moment is 10x faster than other premium hearing aids*, which is why they sound so natural!

**Hearing Review – 23 April 2020 – Reducing Hearing Aid Delay for Optimal Sound Quality

Evolv AI hearing aids boast the most exceptional Starkey Sound yet. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment so you can hear and enjoy life.

Evolv AI offers friendly AI paired with the newest and most advanced connectivity ever from Starkey. With improved connection, more Android connectivity than ever before, and the best sound quality, you can experience and enjoy your favorite TV, music and conversations. A full line of hearing aids automatically connected to your lifestyle makes better hearing effortless.

Evolv AI is updated to deliver 2-Way Audio in every wireless style. Now, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream your voice directly back to iPhone and iPad,* allowing you to seamlessly talk hands-free.

For more information click here!

Oticon More™

miniRITE R

Oticon More miniRITE R is a discreet rechargeable style that gives you access to all relevant sounds. Oticon More supports the brain in making sense of sound and it is easy to operate with a double push button for volume and programme control. It features Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless connectivity with your favourite devices.

Sound quality

Outstanding music experience

To give you amazing sound quality whether you’re listening to live music or streaming, we have created a dedicated programme called Oticon MyMusic.

Intelligent features

After scanning and analysing the sound scene 500 times per second to understand the complexity of the sound scene, the hearing aid can organize the sounds around you to create clear contrast and balance between sounds.

Sounds from the real world

Oticon More is trained with sound scenes from the real world and is thereby able to balance the sound scene around you.

Better speech understanding

Get more out of your conversations with friends and loved ones. Oticon More hearing aids enhance speech understanding in both noisy and quiet environments.

For more information click here!

What our customers say

Sophie S
14. December, 2021.
5* Excellent in every way. I took Grandpa along for wax removal, he has had hearing aids for 5 years however he has recently been having alot of issues with a wax and his hearing aids. Jayne welcomed us into the practice, she was friendly, welcoming and helpful. It was clear to both of us that Jayne was really knowledgeable and a expert in her field. She also very patient, kind, caring and compassionate towards my Grandpa. What we was liked most was how genuine Jayne is, she went above and beyond to help, she provided a excellent service and high standard of care throughout. This approach helped to relax my grandpa, we spoke as a family and decided to book a appointment for a hearing test and assessment. We are hopeful that with Jayne’s help we can find the best hearing aids that will transform and greatly improve my grandfathers life. My grandpa and I fdhgv recommend Bryce hearing clinic-5/5*
Henny Gunawan
24. August, 2021.
I had issues with wax blockage for weeks. As it is deep in my ear, I had to use irrigation method. Jayne managed to do it first time in less than 10 mins. Very impressed with the service I received.
David J Harper
2. April, 2021.
First rate service from business owner/operator. Friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.
Robert Emmerson
15. February, 2021.
Excellent ear wax clearing service no matter how hard the wax, uses suction equipment giving effective and comfortable removal. No fuss first class
ruth hickling
13. November, 2020.
I would highly recommend, very professional, I will definitely be back. Also good COVID-19 precautions.
Giorgio Battista
31. August, 2020.
Good service and personnel very polite
Daniel Smith
9. July, 2020.
I highly recommend a visit to Bryce Hearing Services if you're experiencing any issues with your hearing. They've recently reopened after the lock down and have a comprehensive set of safety procedures and PPE in place which was very reassuring. The staff were both friendly and professional, and they use the latest microsuction technique for ear wax removal. It's quick and painless, and the relief was instantaneous. If hearing issues are driving you up the wall, don't suffer in silence - go and see Bryce Hearing Services, and support a great local business in Aberdeen!
William Mead
24. June, 2020.
Jayne has been removing my wax for two years now and has done a sterling job!, very professional but always has time for a chat. My last visit was last week and was handed a face mask and hand gel and also required a temprature check, they now wear full medical PPE and face shield it was very reassuring thank you Bryce Hearing 🙂
Elizabeth Moffat
24. June, 2020.
My husband visited here less than 2 weeks ago. He had had 4 appointments with nurse at GP practice cancelled- pre covid by the way. He was at his wits end as he struggled to hear phone calls, hear what was being said on t.v. Bryce hearing to the rescue and he is like a new man!! Absolutely delighted.
Robert Christie
28. October, 2019.
Jayne provided a super service today and solved a long standing issue I had with my hearing. First class personal service and highly recommended.
happy couple

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