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Daily Wear

When deciding on the type, style and size of hearing aid, there are many considerations that need to be taken into account.

At Bryce Hearing Services, we are proud to guide you through this process, giving you the best advice at all times.

We are an independent hearing healthcare business based in Aberdeen, and we deal with all the market-leading hearing aid manufacturers that offer different and unique solutions to help to improve your lifestyle and well-being.

We don’t believe that you should be limited to one brand of product, that’s why we offer hearing aids from a variety of different manufacturers. But remember, the hearing aid is only a small part on your journey to better hearing.

Your choice of styles

LyricLyric – The world’s first invisible hearing aid that really is totally invisible. You can sleep wearing Lyric, shower wearing Lyric, and there is no need for any changing of batteries, as this extended wear product is worn for months at a time. Lyric is the 100% hassle free solution to amazing, natural hearing.  Phonak Lyric Extended wear hearing.


IIC IIC – Many manufacturers offer this style of Invisible-In-The-Canal daily wear hearing instrument. They come in a range of technologies and price points, and some have small remote devices that can open up more features to help to better hearing. We can give you the best advice based on your lifestyle for which of these products will best suit your needs.
CICCIC – We have a full range of Completely-In-The-Canal hearing instruments. Hidden down in the ear canal these products offer a very discreet solution for customers who may require some adjustment to their hearing instruments whilst out and about (this can be done using a remote control or program button).
ITCITC – Our customers sometimes ask for more options in their hearing instruments, whether it is a way to add additional control to their product or choose a control for a specific situation (place of worship for example). This can be done with an In-the-Canal hearing instrument. At Bryce Hearing Services we can find the best product from our portfolio and give you the best advice on which ITC is best for you.
Full ShellFull Shell – For customers who require a custom hearing instrument with additional volume, the Full Shell product may be the style of choice. Our range of Full Shell products can help if dexterity is a concern. We can best advise you on which product can help you.
RICRIC and Open Products – We have a wide selection of Receiver-In-The-Canal products. Our RIC and Open Products hearing instruments have a small wire or tube that sits very discreetly on the ear. For customers that may require higher levels of volume, at Bryce Hearing Services in Aberdeen we can give you advice on the best solution.
BTEBTE – Our range of Behind-The-Ear hearing instruments offers differing technologies and features to best suit the way you live your life. Our BTE hearing instruments sit behind the ear and the sound is delivered into the ear using a clear tube and custom ear mould.

What our customers say

Sophie S
14. December, 2021.
5* Excellent in every way. I took Grandpa along for wax removal, he has had hearing aids for 5 years however he has recently been having alot of issues with a wax and his hearing aids. Jayne welcomed us into the practice, she was friendly, welcoming and helpful. It was clear to both of us that Jayne was really knowledgeable and a expert in her field. She also very patient, kind, caring and compassionate towards my Grandpa. What we was liked most was how genuine Jayne is, she went above and beyond to help, she provided a excellent service and high standard of care throughout. This approach helped to relax my grandpa, we spoke as a family and decided to book a appointment for a hearing test and assessment. We are hopeful that with Jayne’s help we can find the best hearing aids that will transform and greatly improve my grandfathers life. My grandpa and I fdhgv recommend Bryce hearing clinic-5/5*
Henny Gunawan
24. August, 2021.
I had issues with wax blockage for weeks. As it is deep in my ear, I had to use irrigation method. Jayne managed to do it first time in less than 10 mins. Very impressed with the service I received.
David J Harper
2. April, 2021.
First rate service from business owner/operator. Friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.
Robert Emmerson
15. February, 2021.
Excellent ear wax clearing service no matter how hard the wax, uses suction equipment giving effective and comfortable removal. No fuss first class
ruth hickling
13. November, 2020.
I would highly recommend, very professional, I will definitely be back. Also good COVID-19 precautions.
Giorgio Battista
31. August, 2020.
Good service and personnel very polite
Daniel Smith
9. July, 2020.
I highly recommend a visit to Bryce Hearing Services if you're experiencing any issues with your hearing. They've recently reopened after the lock down and have a comprehensive set of safety procedures and PPE in place which was very reassuring. The staff were both friendly and professional, and they use the latest microsuction technique for ear wax removal. It's quick and painless, and the relief was instantaneous. If hearing issues are driving you up the wall, don't suffer in silence - go and see Bryce Hearing Services, and support a great local business in Aberdeen!
William Mead
24. June, 2020.
Jayne has been removing my wax for two years now and has done a sterling job!, very professional but always has time for a chat. My last visit was last week and was handed a face mask and hand gel and also required a temprature check, they now wear full medical PPE and face shield it was very reassuring thank you Bryce Hearing 🙂
Elizabeth Moffat
24. June, 2020.
My husband visited here less than 2 weeks ago. He had had 4 appointments with nurse at GP practice cancelled- pre covid by the way. He was at his wits end as he struggled to hear phone calls, hear what was being said on t.v. Bryce hearing to the rescue and he is like a new man!! Absolutely delighted.
Robert Christie
28. October, 2019.
Jayne provided a super service today and solved a long standing issue I had with my hearing. First class personal service and highly recommended.
happy couple

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