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At Bryce Hearing Services we provide hearing aid batteries in sizes – 10, 312 & 13.

You can now purchase your batteries directly from this website. Click on shop now.

Important battery information:

There are many factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts:

An individual’s hearing loss – As severity increases:

  • Increased amplification is required
  • Increasing current
  • Reducing battery life

2. The battery size – As the physical size of the batteries decrease, the amount of ingredients needed o power the battery also decreases, making the battery life shorter for smaller batteries and longer for bigger batteries.

3. An individual’s hearing aid usage – Two things to take into account:

  • How many days a week do you wear your hearing aid?
  • How many hours a day do you wear your hearing aid?

4. Instrument Differences – Sophisticated features such as noise cancellation and multi-channel processing may reduce battery life by up to 20%. Wireless and Bluetooth features when in use can increase the current up to 300% further reducing battery life.

5. Environment – Low & High humidity can affect the battery in different ways.

Low Humidity:

  • Batteries may dry out, reducing the battery life.
  • Drying out may be occur if users are indoors during the winter months in northern climates & if wood buring appliances are used to heat the home. Keeping the battery in dry aid kits in an already dry environment & using the hearing device intermittently may also cause the battery to dry out.

High Humidity:

  • Batteries may take on moisture, interfering with the natural discharge expansion, resulting in swelling/leakage and reducing battery life.
  • Your batteries may take on moisture if you work outdoors for extended periods in high temperature/high humidity areas or you live in a non air conditioned environment in high humidity areas

6. Temperature

As temperature is reduced:

  • Hearing aid battery voltage is lowered and reaches functional end point earlier, reducing battery life.
  • Thic can be an issue if individuals are working outside in the winter or in a refrigerated environment.

7. Altitude

As altitude increases:

  • Percentage of oxygen level in the air is reduced, lowering the hearing aid battery voltage, causing the battery to reach the endpoint earlier and reduces battery life.
  • This can be an issue if individuals live in areas at high altitude or travel by plane when battery is in late discharge.

If you would like to purchase batteries from Bryce Hearing Services please visit our office . If you are unable to visit our office you are welcome to contact us & we will post to your home.

What our customers say

Ian Barron
3. August, 2023.
Five star service and excellent removal of a heavy wax buildup in one ear. If I ever need aural services I will make Jane and her team my first port of call.
Alec Gray
18. July, 2023.
I have been a customer of Bryce for almost 10 years. They have never let me down. They are friendly and professional, with incredible customer satisfaction. You are seen as an individual and the attention to detail given is second to none.
Valerie Shields
1. July, 2023.
Another great service from Bryce hearing ! A superb prompt service in dealing with my hearing aid issue , thank you.
James Smith
18. March, 2023.
Bryce Hearing Services I cannot express how grateful I am for the expertise and help I received from Jayne Bryce at Bryce Hearing Services. I wakened up one morning a few weeks ago to find my right ear was closed and was left very deaf. I honestly thought I had a build up of wax in my ear. I called BHS for an appointment to get my ears syringed, I received an appointment for a couple of hours later. Going into Aberdeen I was met by a friendly receptionist then taken into a room where Jayne checked my ears to find a small amount of wax. After going through a few questions she told me she thought I had had a virus go through my inner ear. Jayne then did a hearing test which she found my right ear was real bad, then went on to be very adamant that I had to phone my Doctor and get an appointment for today and had get a prescription of steroids starting immediately If I could not get an appointment Jayne wanted me to go to ARI accident and emergency for the steroids as it was imperative that I started steroids that day. I got a Drs appointment and my Dr said he hadn’t seen this for a good few years and agreed with Jayne to give me the steroids but also referred me to a professor at Albyn Hospital. When seeing the Prof he agreed with everything that Jayne had done and was delighted that I had received the steroids and that had certainly helped. The Prof asked me to go back to Jayne in 4 weeks and do another hearing test to see if my hearing had improved. I was back last week and my hearing has come back and it’s only by the quick response of Jayne making me get a Drs appointment and to get a course of steroids as quickly as possible into my system If I had left it it could of left me with irreparable damage to my hearing so please take a warning if you think it’s wax get it checked by people that know about hearing and the inner ears I cannot thank Jayne Bryce and BHS enough for the quick response on helping me and saving my hearing
n s
30. January, 2023.
Amazing service as always at Bryce Hearing Services. Always made to feel at ease and welcome as soon as I arrive. I've had hearing aids fitted and maintained with the utmost care and attention. Ear wax removal has been stress free and dealt with incredibly professionally and conscientiously. Jayne has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to provide a truly incredible service. Highest of recommendations
Norman Coutts
29. January, 2023.
I have used Bryce Hearing Services for about a decade now and I have always found their services to be excellent. I consider my annual Ear Inspection and MOT to be excellent value, and a first-class way of maintaining and protecting my hearing. This was even more true late last year when, on a routine visit, a fungal infection trying to take hold in an ear was spotted. Thanks to Jayne's attentiveness and good advice I was able to contact my GP and what could have been a very nasty and difficult to treat infection was caught early and dealt with quickly and effectively. I have no reservation in recommending Bryce Hearing Services for their truly Five Star Services.
Andrew Ramsay
28. January, 2023.
As a son of an elderly parent with significant hearing loss and the need for professional service and advice we were extremely satisfied with the services provided by the Bryce Hearing Clinic. The caring and can do attitude was evident from our initial visit and has continued in any after care my father needs to ensure the high level of quality hearing ability he has experienced since obtaining his new hearing aids in December.
25. June, 2022.
Very professional competent service, also very friendly and reassuring. Highly recommended.
happy couple

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