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Jayne Bryce receives commendation from Audiologist of the Year 2019!

Jayne was nominated by Louise Walker who came to see Jayne after she began experiencing symptoms of Sudden Hearing Loss this is the submission that Louise sent to the Audiologist of the Year 2019 competition:

“I am delighted to nominate Jayne Bryce for this award, she is a brilliant audiologist and I couldn’t have coped with my sudden hearing loss over the past year without her. In a matter of days I went from being a 38 year old with no hearing problems, to losing all of the hearing in my right ear. Jayne tested my hearing and found I had suffered from sudden sensorineural hearing loss. She gently broke the bad news to me that my deafness was almost certainly permanent, and explained my test results. Although it had been almost 4 weeks since I lost my hearing, Jayne had read research papers where steroid injections into the eardrum had recovered some hearing, even after several weeks, and she had just attended a conference where there was a case of steroid injections restoring hearing after 8 weeks. Jayne advised me to contact my GP immediately, explain her diagnosis, and ask for an urgent referral to ENT for steroid injections, as the window of opportunity for success was very small.

To my horror I struggled to get the steroid treatment that Jayne had recommended because my GP practice and local A&E were unaware of sudden hearing loss as a medical emergency and of the steroid treatment I urgently needed. During this struggle Jayne constantly supported me with phone calls and passed on advice from an ENT consultant colleague. Eventually I was treated with both steroid tablets and injections in the hope of saving my hearing. After the treatments Jayne tested my hearing again, which sadly confirmed that my hearing had not improved. Jayne advised my best option would be CROS hearing aids, explained how they worked, and showed me examples to reassure me of how discreet they were, because I was shocked that I was in my 30’s and suddenly needed hearing aids. Jayne suggested that I get fitted with NHS hearing aids first, as that would inevitably mean some waiting, she suggested ways to position myself in meetings at work and when I was socialising with my friends in noisy environments, so that I could hear better. My hearing aids from the NHS improved my hearing but I was struggling to hear conversations in noisier environments, especially at work conferences and socialising with my friends. To help me with this Jayne fitted me with the latest CROS hearing aids with StereoZoom technology which she thought would allow me to hear better in background noise. I trialed these new hearing aids and was delighted with the clearer sound and that I could hear much better in noisy environments.

Jayne is passionate about raising awareness of hearing loss which is evident through her charity work with events such as Tea for Tinnitus for the British Tinnitus Association and through organising a Listen.Live event and our cities first ever hearing show. During my experience of hearing loss Jayne told me she felt strongly that people are generally not aware that sudden hearing loss can be a medical emergency and that many GPs are often unaware of this condition, and the need for urgent steroid treatment. Sadly that was my experience at my GP practice, as a result myself and Jayne attended a meeting with doctors at my practice to discuss my case and sudden hearing loss. To prepare for the meeting Jayne spoke to an ENT consultant and the Head of Audiology at NHS Grampian to discuss the most important points to get across. As a result of the meeting an ENT consultant visited my GP practice to give a training session on sudden hearing loss. The aim of this training session is for it to also be extended to other GP practices in our area. After the meeting Jayne also wrote a blog on social media about the experience, to raise awareness of sudden hearing loss.

This year has been one of the most challenging of my life, I genuinely couldn’t have managed without Jayne’s constant support. Having lost the hearing in one ear so suddenly I was very afraid of anything happening to my good ear, but Jayne was always there to listen and to reassure me. Jayne is so friendly and appointments are never rushed and that has been invaluable to me, to allow me to ask any questions whilst adapting to my hearing loss. As well as fitting me with the latest technology in hearing aids, Jayne has given me hope for the future. When I was first diagnosed with sudden hearing loss, I was withdrawing from doing many of the things I loved because it was so difficult and exhausting struggling to hear. Thanks to Jayne’s determination to give her clients the best technology, my hearing aids have completely improved my life, and given me hope that I can return back to doing everything I was doing before my hearing loss. Although this past year has involved some huge changes for me, every cloud has a silver lining, and for me that has been meeting Jayne, I couldn’t ask for a better, more caring audiologist.”

We’d like to sincerely thank Louise for her submission and we will continue to do our very best for all our customers here at Bryce Hearing Services!

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